The Story Behind the Stores – Sandy

Sandy started the Work Adjustment Training program at Goodwill of the Great Plains in Rapid City, SD in May 2016.  After her program (October 20, 2016), Sandy was hired by JC Penney Portrait Studio as a seasonal part time associate.  After the Christmas season January 2017), Sandy was hired as permanent part time associate, and was given the opportunity to learn the photography aspect of the Portrait Studio.  In March 2018, Sandy was given the position of Temporary Management, and a pay raise.  On August 26, 2018 Sandy was promoted to Permanent Manager of the Portrait Studio, and given another raise.

Sandy has always loved photography, and stated “I love what I do, I love the kids, and taking their pictures.  I like seeing the customer’s reactions when they see the pictures and capturing the character of the child.”

Sandy stated about her experience at Goodwill that she loved how they made you feel, and worked with you if you weren’t feeling up to par and building stamina and confidence.  Sandy stated that she also wanted to say that “Goodwill believes in helping you to grow, fixing whatever you needed to move forward toward economic independence.”