A Welcoming Environment at Goodwill Job Center

After living in Liberia, Mark came to the United States in 2011 looking for better opportunities in life. He spent seven years in Charlotte, NC before moving to Sioux Falls in January 2018.

As any transition, this move came with many challenges. One of those challenges included finding employment. Mark was fortunate to have family and friends to help accommodate his new life in Sioux Falls.

It was one of those family members that told Mark about the Goodwill Job Center. On his first visit to the Job Center he found a welcoming environment, formed new relationships, and found resources about the employers and job opportunities in the area.

Many doors opened for Mark. It wasn’t just a job what Mark found, but the possibility to accomplish his dreams of better opportunities in life through a well-paid job.

Mark is currently working in the Sioux Falls School District. When Mark was asked about what the most important thing he found in the Job Center he answered, “You make jobs available to me. I am always welcome in the Job Center.”

When you make a monetary donation, donate goods, or shop in our stores you are helping support our Job Centers and help individuals like Mark, gain access to employment resources in the community. Our Goodwill Job Centers link job seekers to staff and technology to search and apply for jobs, improve computer skills and access community resources. Each Job Center employs trained staff who look forward to working with you to reach your employment goals. Our Job Center locations are in Sioux City, IA, Storm Lake, IA, Rapid City, SD, and Sioux Falls, SD. The hours of our Job Centers are Monday-Thursday from 9:00am to 5:00pm and Friday from 9:00am to 12:00pm.

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