The Store Behind the Stores – Delilah

Delilah has been in the Project Skills program since the first part of the year.

Carrie from Project Skills reached out to Goodwill to provide a work setting for Delilah. She learned her tasks very quickly, and has become a model and mentor to others while they learn their responsibilities. Delilah works very hard to ensure new people either working in the store or coming in for a program feel comfortable and welcome.

Delilah states she has always been confident and happy but became nervous in new situations. Coming to work at Goodwill was her first work experience. When Delilah started her program she was very shy and rarely spoke to people. As she became more confident and got to know people through talking to them and asking them how their day was, their life was, and opening up a bit herself, she has become more confident in her work and around people.

Delilah is happier and enjoys getting to know and help out other people. Delilah feels good about the organization and our mission, and is proud to be able to contribute to the mission and helping others. Delilah talks to her family and friends about how her opportunity with Goodwill has helped build her confidence both in and out of the work setting. Goodwill’s teams have no doubt that in the future Delilah will enter an employment situation where she can be happy and successful.

Goodwill programs work to encourage and prepare participants to move on to greater successes and independent futures. Delilah is looking forward to the next steps in her life to help her meet her goals, and stated she will always be thankful for her time at Goodwill.

Quote from Delilah:
“Goodwill has provided me a place where I can learn and feel confident.”

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