Katie’s Significant Life Change

“I was struggling,” Katie admitted to herself after hitting a low point in her life. She had been dealing with mental health issues and depression due to a loss in her family, and as a result, missing scheduled shifts at her job. Katie felt like she really didn’t know what to do. She had bills to pay for which included car payments and child support. Katie knew that she needed to do something and make a life change. Katie came to Goodwill and entered the Pre-Vocational Program. She started at the retail store and made such significant progress that she was able to move on and work at Marshalls. One of the achievements that Katie is most proud of is keeping the job and coming into work on-time. “Goodwill has helped me become a success and my self-esteem has improved since I have been with Goodwill,” Katie said. Some of Katie’s goals for the future is to work on the register and be able to stock items onto the retail floor.

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