Marilyn’s Gratitude for Goodwill

Marilyn had been struggling for a while to find a job that was satisfying for her. She worked at jobs where she was having a hard time even paying for her bills. Marilyn wanted a job where she could have a purpose and look forward to waking up every day. A job that would help her pay for her bills and be able to put food on the table.

One day as Marilyn was driving by the Goodwill she saw that they were hiring for a Retail Associate. Marilyn interviewed, and got the job and before she knew it, she was promoted to Night Supervisor. Marilyn has been with Goodwill for 20 years and is currently the Assistant Store Manager at the Sioux Falls Kiwanis store.

With Goodwill, Marilyn has been given opportunities to advance herself and to create a better life. Goodwill has been a job that Marilyn has truly enjoyed. With gratitude, Marilyn stated, “I like coming into work and working towards a mission. I have been able to pay off both my house and truck because of Goodwill. I am thankful for what Goodwill has given me.”

When you donate or shop in our stores you are providing opportunities to people like Marilyn who was given a chance at a job and has used the resources that Goodwill has provided her to grow in the retail store and to have a good cause to work for. Your donations (monetary or goods) are tax deductible. Donate today and create opportunities for individuals such as Marilyn.

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