Connection Center

For some, finding employment comes naturally. For others, they may feel
hopeless as they struggle to find work, lack specific job search skills,
or are simply looking for guidance and help. Goodwill’s Connection Center
offers a hand up to anyone looking for work.

Located inside select Goodwill stores, Connection Centers offer free, one-on-one career counseling, computer access and training, help writing resumes and filling out applications, interview preparation and more. Hundreds of job seekers find work through our Connection Centers each year.

Aaron Richie Sorting Shoes

Aaron Richie – Current participant in Pre-Vocational Services at Sioux City Main Plant

Aaron Richie

Current participant in Pre-Vocational Services at Sioux City Main Plant
Aaron’s story: I came to Goodwill when I was 17 as part of the year 13 program at my school and then went on to complete my Goodwill habilitation program. In it I learned how to be independent and do things like grocery shopping, riding a bus and managing my money. Now I am involved in Pre-Vocational training at Goodwill which someday could help me get a job in the community. Here they have me working all over the place. I like to work. I load the tables and run the pallet jack. I also clean the bathrooms in the Adult Daycare Program.

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Imagine being a young single parent with no high school diploma who cannot find a good paying job, or a teen offender who wants to finish high school but feels left behind. Many youth feel overwhelmed by hardship but want to make a good life for themselves. For these youth, YouthBuild is the answer.

Goodwill’s YouthBuild program educates at-risk 16 to 24 year olds for high school credit in an alternative school setting at Goodwill. Students learn accountability, trust, and leadership in a supportive group setting, ultimately earning a high school diploma or equivalent, certified job skills, and a path to employment or education.