Welcome to Goodwill of the Great Plains! I would like to share a little bit about the culture of our organization.

Goodwill team members share in the mission to help people find jobs and build careers. While our Workforce and Community Service department is particularly focused on providing formal services to community members, all departments in our organization play a role in helping Goodwill achieve its mission.

Goodwill is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that sells donated goods to create job opportunities and training in local communities.  Goodwill is a mission-based organization with over 130-year history of helping people reach their full potential through building skills, finding jobs and growing careers.

Simply put, Goodwill’s mission is to help individuals find purpose through work. EVERYONE deserves the opportunity to THRIVE! 

Built into our culture is the goal to provide a work environment that allows each individual to reach their potential and have fun. Our culture encourages teamwork, on the job training, development opportunities, inspiring leadership, empathy and support. Core values of compassion, achievement, potential, integrity and dignity are words you will hear often.

Goodwill serves a variety of people at different stages in their life path, often facing obstacles to success. The training and support individuals receive is transformative. You see people who face seemingly insurmountable obstacles and they are able to meet those head on, what an inspiration!

If you want to work for a fun, caring organization that changes lives of the people we serve, you have come to the right organization.

Kind Regards,

Briget Solomon, President & CEO

Chief Happiness Officer – Jack

Jack is a three year old mini schnauzer who is very playful and likes walks. He makes his family very HAPPY! And, he likes to play video games in his spare time!

Jack’s Favorites

Food: Pizza (although he knows he can’t have it, he will snatch it out of his sister’s hand and run off with it)

Pastime: Lay around or wrestle with Yoshi the Cat

Color: Black

Holiday: Jack loves any type of party because he knows there will be food everywhere.

Person: Kristan. He will follow her anywhere and everywhere.

Activity: Walks are his absolute favorite