Welcome to Goodwill of the Great Plains! I would like to share a little bit about the culture of our organization.

When you join the Goodwill team, you become a member of our family and part of a large network of over 160 Goodwills all over the country. Locally, we serve community members living in northwest Iowa, northeast Nebraska, southwest Minnesota and all of South Dakota.

I would like to share with you what makes Goodwill unique and most importantly what’s in it for those who join our team.

It is the mission and the people we serve that make Goodwill special. Our 21 retail stores and donation centers are the platform for mission delivery in our local communities.   When people in our community donate clothing and household items, we convert their donations into jobs and training programs that help people develop their skills.

Our entire team plays an important role in mission delivery by working alongside and helping to encourage persons with barriers, grow their vocational skills.

We have five core values that we model. They are Compassion, Achievement, Potential, Integrity and Dignity.

We work from the assumption that people are good, fair and honest. Our work environment is fun and we strive to be there for each other.

You can say that Goodwill is a win/win solution. When people donate to us, we convert their donations into jobs to help people and we are good to the planet in the process, recycling millions of pounds of used household items and keeping them from landfills. A win for our donors, shoppers, employees and the planet.

We see potential in people and seek to maintain a solution orientation. Team members are adaptive and meet people where they are and help them grow to where they want to be.

Integrity is valued, doing what is right and best for the customer in all situations. We are stewards of the resources trusted to us to carry out Goodwill’s mission.

We believe in dignity of people and go the extra mile to help our program participants achieve their goals.

If you want to work for a fun, caring organization that changes lives of the people we touch and the customers we serve, you have come to the right organization.


John Hantla, President & CEO

Goodwill of the Great Plains