Marilyn’s Gratitude for Goodwill

Marilyn had been struggling for a while to find a job that was satisfying for her. She worked at jobs where she was having a hard time even paying for her bills. Marilyn wanted a job where she could have a purpose and look forward to waking up every day. A job that would help her pay for her bills and be able to put food on the table.

One day as Marilyn was driving by the Goodwill she saw that they were hiring for a Retail Associate. Marilyn interviewed, and got the job and before she knew it, she was promoted to Night Supervisor. Marilyn has been with Goodwill for 20 years and is currently the Assistant Store Manager at the Sioux Falls Kiwanis store.

With Goodwill, Marilyn has been given opportunities to advance herself and to create a better life. Goodwill has been a job that Marilyn has truly enjoyed. With gratitude, Marilyn stated, “I like coming into work and working towards a mission. I have been able to pay off both my house and truck because of Goodwill. I am thankful for what Goodwill has given me.”

When you donate or shop in our stores you are providing opportunities to people like Marilyn who was given a chance at a job and has used the resources that Goodwill has provided her to grow in the retail store and to have a good cause to work for. Your donations (monetary or goods) are tax deductible. Donate today and create opportunities for individuals such as Marilyn.

Brighter Opportunities for Marcy at Goodwill

When Marcy moved out of her parents’ house, she had limited opportunities. At that time, she didn’t have a Driver’s License and this limited her to only a few jobs. She also was lacking some critical job skills to be successful in a job. Marcy was referred to the Community Based Vocational Training Program in Iowa Falls to gain valuable job skills.  Marcy was successful through the program and was awarded a certificate for the significant progress that she had made.

Marcy started at the Mason City store 11 years ago and has learned and grown in the store. She started as general retail and was promoted to Team Lead.  Marcy comes into work every day with a smile on her face ready to do her job. Marcy prides herself on her friendly service when she is at the register. She has had customers compliment her about how helpful and friendly she is on the floor. Marcy loves that Goodwill can help veterans through  Boots to Suits and school-aged kids through the Shoe and Mitten Parties. Marcy likes being a part of Goodwill and wants to continue to grow with Goodwill in the future.

When you make a monetary donation, you help support our veterans and children in need in our community for our Boots to Suits and Shoe and Mitten Parties. Our Boots to Suits program is for veterans who need clothing. They receive $40 Goodwill gift cards to use in our Goodwill stores to thank them for their service to our country and to give them a hand up. Our Shoe and Mitten Parties are held every December in seventeen of our store locations to children in need. Each child receives shoes, a pair of socks, hats, and mittens for the winter months ahead. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation visit Your donations are greatly appreciated.

A Special Place for Natty at Goodwill

Natty came to the United States from Ecuador for a better life. Her mother and father died when she was young, and she needed a place where she could explore new, brighter opportunities. For about 2 years, Natty worked at the Arizona Goodwill and she transferred over to the Fort Dodge Goodwill because her cousin lived there, and family is important for Natty and is a foremost priority in her life.

One of the goals that Natty has is to speak English fluently. Natty has been working hard on her English by taking classes at the college and is making excellent progress so far.

Natty has enjoyed her time with Goodwill for the last 6 years. She formed a close relationship with her hiring manager and appreciates all the help with the training process. “She understood me and helped me. I want to thank her for her patience. I want to thank her for everything,” says Natty with tears in her eyes.

Natty is thankful for Goodwill and other team members that are willing to help, not because they have to, but because they want to. This is what makes Goodwill great. People are willing to go out of their way to help people. Natty is one of those people that is friendly to customers and is willing to go above and beyond because she believes in Goodwill. Natty has a heart of gold and has a special place in our hearts now at Goodwill.

Josh’s Outstanding Progress in the Pre-Vocational Program

“Since Josh has been with us he has made huge strides even within the past year. He has come a long way being able to control the way he communicates to people”. Josh has become more productive in his work since he has been with Goodwill,” says Molly, skills trainer to Josh, looking over to him with pride.

One of the challenges that Josh faced in a job was communicating clearly with co-workers and customers. When Josh first started in the Pre-Vocational program he would allow for certain situations to affect his mood. Molly has been working on coping skills with Josh to help with mood swings. These skills have helped Josh become more productive and happier with his work.

Josh loves to work in the store helping customers and producing wares. Josh is proud that he has become successful with Goodwill. Josh has made significant progress going through the program and is currently still working on goals that he wants to achieve which includes working out in the community.

Tiffany’s Step in the Right Direction


The choices in our life define who we are. Tiffany knew that the choices that she would make after her treatment for alcohol and drugs would be the key to staying sober. Before Tiffany came to Goodwill she used to wait tables and bartend, and she knew that she couldn’t be in an atmosphere where she would be around alcohol. It would make her too vulnerable.

Tiffany needed to find a job where she could stay sober, but she said” I didn’t know what to do. I was lost as far as a job.” Tiffany posted on Facebook that she needed a job. She was contacted by the Store Manager of the Mason City store about a position available at Goodwill. Tiffany was attracted to Goodwill because, “I liked the intimacy of a smaller store.” A step in the right direction Tiffany believes that she made when she came to Goodwill.

Currently, she has been with Goodwill for 2 years and during that time she has become a Team Lead and obtained her Forklift License. Tiffany cares about Goodwill customers and provides the best customer service to them because for Tiffany its about the bigger picture and it’s the little things that make a difference.