Job Placement

Hispanic woman

The power of work is our guiding force.

Goodwill is committed to helping people fulfill their dreams through work. Our programs have given hope to thousands of people who otherwise may never have known the benefits that come from holding a job. Placement Services are made available as soon as an individual has completed the appropriate job training programs and is coming close to being ready for competitive employment in the community. Following placement, post-placement supports are provided for a year or more. By helping put people to work, Goodwill is assisting the community’s economy by creating wage earners as well as consumers. Every year we serve hundreds of people with disabilities and disadvantaging conditions which results in competitive employment.

If you have a disability and are ready to get a job, call us, we can help. Are you ready to get a job? Nate Vander Plaats, Director of Mission Services for Iowa & Nebraska at 712-258-4511