The Story Behind The Stores


After working in with the Pre-voc program, Eli is now employed in supported community employment. He had experience running the balers and working in retail at Sioux City main.

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Elyse has been with Goodwill for around 4 years. She has participated in Goodwill’s work program to get work skills while being an active member in our Day Habilitation program.

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Aravind is from Southern India, and moved to Rapid City in 1969. During his program, we had some difficulty determining what Aravind was interested in doing, or which career path he was interested in.

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Michaela French

Michaela French

“I gained so much from this program,” said Michaela.  “I’m now able to go to college and further my education.   I also gained confidence that I could do anything I set my mind to.  I’m so excited to start my new journey.”

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Pushpa, Bir and Jagat

Pushpa, Bir and Jagat

Nepal natives, now living in Sioux Falls, Pushpa, Bir and Jagat enrolled in Goodwill’s employment skills program in May of 2016 through a referral with South Dakota Vocational Rehabilitation. Success in reaching their shared goal of obtaining competitive employment would require overcoming significant obstacles.

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Dani Fox

Dani Fox

“At age 24, I didn’t have my driver’s license.  I was nervous to make this step.  I had to get my license to be able to operate a forklift on the job.”

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