“I love interacting with people, it’s my passion.  Helping people with their donations is my favorite part of the job.  I treat them and their donations with respect.  Their stuff meant a lot to them or a loved one at one time or another.  I left to do factory work for  a few months but came back.  Everyone here is my second family, we treat each other with respect and it’s all about teamwork.”
Spencer Store Employee
“I like to think of myself of an environmentalist.  We need to do what we can now instead of hurting the oceans and land for future generations.  It’s important to me that we’re recycling.  We go through the stuff we get and keep things out of the landfill.  Even items that are torn or stained get recycled instead of going to the trash.”
“I was born and raised here, and have cashiered since I was 14 years old.  I like to deal with the money and the people.   I love to make people happy and always put others first.  Goodwill changed me in a better way.  I’m more confident now and didn’t always feel like that before.”
Jody has been working at Marshalls for a year and a half in our training program. He was just hired on as a part-time employee, not under our training program anymore. He is excited and happy to be employed at Marshalls independently. We are very proud of Jody and very excited for him. ~ Maggie, Program Manager
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Idd came to Goodwill as a participant. He completed his program and was extended for another 6 weeks to get more work history established.
Spencer Store Employee
“I only saw myself as a mom.  I had stayed at home with my kids for so long that now I see parts of myself I didn’t notice before.  I used to be very shy and now I’m not.  My coworkers, and the customers helped me break out of my shell.”
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"Goodwill has provided me a place where I can learn and feel confident."