Items Sold by the Pound

Outlet shoppers can expect to find deep discounts on items found in our retail stores. In the Outlet Center, household items are sold by the pound, with the exception of furniture, electronics and large items.

The outlet store allows Goodwill to give a second chance to items that do not sell in our stores. This helps Goodwill further decrease contribution to landfills and maximizes every donation. Goodwill makes every effort to recycle items that do not sell through our retail program.

Goodwill welcomes community members to enjoy the treasure hunt found at Goodwill, both in our Outlet Center and by shopping our local Goodwill retail stores. By doing so, community members receive the opportunity to connect to employment thanks to mission programming offered by Goodwill.

Wednesday-Saturday from 10am to 8pm.

Located at 3100 West 4th Street, Sioux City, IA.

How the Outlet Works