Elyse has been with Goodwill for around 4 years. She has participated in Goodwill’s work program to get work skills while being an active member in our Day Habilitation program.

While working in the work program, helped by sorting donated goods. She has always been a good worker and has been recognized as Participant of the Month on multiple occasions and would come into Day Habilitation in the afternoons. While in our Day Habilitation program, she always has a helping attitude by lending a listening ear or helping a peer indentifies numbers for Bingo, she is active in going out into the community whether it be volunteering in our community, or just going out to one of Sioux City’s many museums or parks.

“Goodwill has helped me to know what to expect in a full time job like keeping a clean work area, communicating with my supervisors and handling multiple tasks. I would not be able to this without the support I have gotten from my Goodwill staff.”

With the experience she has learned, she has since been working at a local restaurant for 1 year and has worked her way up to full time status while coming to Day Habilitation weekly.