Encouragement Found in Goodwill Pre-Vocational Program

Joey has witnessed crime first hand. She worked in the court system and has had to deal with people coming in and out of the court system. Joey knew that her life was not going to get any better living around this crime, so she made a decision. A decision that she knew would be hard but had to be done for the good of her son.  With her son she moved to Spearfish in search of a better life.

About a year and a half ago Joey tragically suffered from a head injury that caused short-term memory damage. Joey knew that during this difficult time she needed help and support. She moved to Sioux Falls where a friend helped her adjust back to normal life.

Joey was referred to Goodwill’s Pre-Vocational Program to learn how to get back into the job setting. It has been hard for Joey to learn how to do her job and McKenna, Program Manager in Sioux Falls, encouraged Joey to keep trying and learning even when it is difficult. Joey said, “I have had a hard time getting adjusted, but I know who to go to for help. The physical part of the job has been difficult for me, but I am thankful for the encouraging words from Goodwill staff.”

Our Pre-Vocational Program at Goodwill helps train individuals with disabilities and mental illness. Pre-Vocational services are available for up to two years to support additional soft skill development with a goal to become work ready. When you make a monetary donation, donate your goods, or shop in our retail stores you are helping people like Joey work towards becoming work ready.

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