Top 12 reasons to thrift shop: Number 7, Save money on presents.

Not sure what a family member might want for their birthday or Christmas? Why break the bank on an ordinary, run-of-the-mill gift they might not even like? Shop Goodwill for gently used clothes and toys that will be sure to light up their life! You might find a unique or vintage gift that special someone will love! BONUS: You can gift shop at Goodwill from the comfort of your own home at and!

Top 12 reasons to thrift shop: Number 9, Update your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Styles change fast, so why spend a lot of money to update your look? Even though prices at the department store have gone up, there’s still a place where you can find a good deal – Goodwill! Oftentimes you’ll find the latest fashions, some new with tags, for deep discounts. You can find old favorites, too, like that sweater you never should have parted ways with. Do you need professional clothes for a job interview? Goodwill has you covered there, too!