Comforting Quilts for Cancer Patients

An act of kindness can make a difference in many lives. Loren, Assistant Manager, at our Mitchell store, graciously donated cancer t-shirts for the St. Wilfrid Catholic Church ladies to quilt for cancer patients at the local Cancer Institute. These quilts are a much needed comfort to the cancer patients and encourage them to keep on fighting.

These are a few of the quilts that were made from the cancer t-shirts
This quilt was made from the cancer t-shirts after
the emblems were taken off
Top part of dresses made from t-shirts after cancer emblems taken off

Little boy shirts made from the back of cancer t-shirts

Meet the Staff of Integrated Day Services

Terry, Direct Support Staff

Before she came to Goodwill, Terry worked in a meat processing factory, retirement home, insurance company, and in the school system. Terry appreciated her time in all her roles, but needed a position that would give her purpose and a chance to make a difference.

Terry decided to explore her options by attending a Job Fair in North Sioux City. She met with a staff member from Goodwill to talk about open job positions and learned about the impact they play in the community. Integrated Day Services had a position open and this was exactly the position that Terry was looking for.

For Terry, her job is rewarding daily. She loves to interact with the participants and work with them to achieve goals. She encourages them to try new things and be more active. “Integrated Day Services is an important program for these individuals, ” Terry emphasized.

Terry enjoys working in Integrated Services every day and making the participants laugh and encouraging them to step outside their comfort zone. Terry believes, “It’s all about balance. You must be stern with them, but give support when needed. It goes a long way.”

What is your dream car?

  • An old vintage truck. I have always wanted a truck.

What is a fictional place you would like to visit?

  • A place with wizards and warriors and where there is a little mystery

What are small things that make your day?

  • The support from the staff. It’s nice to know that they are there for me and have my back when I need them.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes! Thrifty Thursday

I don’t need another pair of shoes, said no one ever! This Thrifty Thursday we are showcasing our amazing shoe selection. We have a variety of different styles in many different colors. Remember to check back frequently as our selection changes daily. A few of the shoe styles you might find in our stores include: sandals, sneakers, heels, moccasins, ballet, loafers, and the list goes on. Head to your nearest Goodwill of the Great Plains store and find a pair or several (shh.. we won’t tell!) that will put a pep in your step today! For a Goodwill of the Great Plains store nearest you visit

Meet the Staff of Integrated Day Services

Mandy, Direct Support Staff

“I’ve worked with disabled adults for 25 years. I worked at Mid-Step Services for 20 years and I moved to Sioux Falls where I worked at LifeScape for a few years,” Mandy said. Mandy had connections to the individuals who were in group homes and knew about Goodwill. She heard about a job opening, applied and was hired to work in Integrated Day Services.

Mandy enjoys seeing participants go outside of their boundaries and see what they are capable of. One of the activities that Integrated Day Services participates in that Mandy was able to organize was volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House. “At first it was awkward for them, but they were able to meet the families that are impacted by the Ronald McDonald house and it was awesome that they were able to make that connection,” explained Mandy. Mandy believes that Integrated Day Services is an excellent place for individuals to socialize and participate in activities in the community.

What is the last movie that you watched in theatres?

  • The Fast and Furious

What is your favorite family vacation?

  • Every year my husband and I go to Algona, Iowa for a bike rally.

What are your hobbies?

  • I like to spend time with my grandkids and ride on my husband’s motorcycle.

Five Tips For Better Time Management

By Randy Wooden, Director, Professional Center by Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Carolina

Some days feel like they are 30 hours long. Other times, we feel like we need 30 hours to get everything accomplished.
Since everyone is given the same 24 hours each day, how can you make adjustments to feel like you’re accomplishing what you want or need to get done? Here are five tips to help you improve your time management skills. Let’s get started!

#1. First, understand where your time goes. Whether you use a phone app to track your time or write it in a journal, you will want an accurate accounting of your time. Are you wasting time checking your phone or on social media? Talking to friends? Taking long breaks? Checking emails constantly?

#2. Create a to-do list. Write your tasks in the journal or enter them into an app. Do not rely on your memory, even though some of your tasks may be repetitive. Think about grocery shopping: if you go in with a list, it will help you remain focused instead of bouncing around from aisle to aisle, scooping up impulse items. Another benefit of using a list is the sense of accomplishment when you cross off an item.

#3. Prioritize. Your list is only a start. Make sure you do the most important or time-sensitive tasks first. Do not do the things you enjoy doing, saving the less enjoyable tasks for later. There is a wise saying that holds true, make the main thing the main thing – and put first things first.

#4. Delegate. Is it possible for others to do some of the work? There may be other people that have the training or knowledge to help ensure tasks are completed on time. Even if you don’t need or receive help, it can be good to help others when they feel overwhelmed.

#5. It is okay to sometimes say no. Instead of delegating tasks to someone else at your workplace, saying no may refer to your personal life. As you prioritize your life tasks, unforeseen requests have to be weighed against pressing deadlines. Learning to say no to distractions or temptations is among the toughest lessons to learn.

Despite your best intentions, sometimes life happens when unforeseen crises occur, and sometimes priorities change. No matter what happens, try to be clear and stay focused on what is most important by keeping yourself organized with good time management skills. It will serve you well in both your work and your personal life. Good luck!