Do’s and Don’ts for Phone and Virtual Interviews

By: Silvia Rabanales and Molly Scherle, Job Center Representatives

Preparing for any interview can be a little stressful and confusing. Most companies have started doing phone and virtually interviews, but don’t worry we have a couple of tips on do’s and don’ts for phone/virtual calls.


  • Be prepared with your resume at hand, this way you can look over details regarding your skills and job history.
  • For virtual calls make sure you have a clean, clutter free surrounding with natural lighting.
  • With virtual calls make sure you are wearing appropriate attire.
  • If you must call-in for the interview, make sure you are prepared with the name of the interviewer to get directed to the correct person.
  • Look over common interview questions, you can do so on by searching this on the internet. This will help you better prepare.
  • Look up information about employer to be well prepared.
  • Do make sure you have a good cell phone connection and make sure device needed is charged.


  • Don’t be in a cluttered room with background noise.
  • Don’t be late on calls or virtual calls.
  • Don’t chew gum or candy.
  • Don’t sit in a public place that has a busy background.
  • Don’t use a silly username.

Dress Code 101

By: Anna Garcia and Daniela Lopez, Job Center Representatives

Have a job interview but don’t know what to wear? Always go conservative. Every company has a different dress code. Industries have different expectations on how employees should dress. The appropriate dress code can vary depending on position, company and location. You should wear in a professionally way the position they are applying for. Avoid bright and flashy colors. First impression is key with a potential employer.


  • Make sure your attire is clean
  • Wear clothes that fit
  • Set up your attire the night before
  • Neat hairstyles and minimum accessories

Once you found your interview attire, give yourself time to prepare for the conversations you will have with the employer. Research the company, gather and prepare your experience to share with the employer about your previous employment. Remember first impressions are lasting impressions.