Thrifty Thursday! Teamwear at Goodwill

This Thrifty Thursday we are showcasing our high quality teamwear at Goodwill. If you are a professional sports fanatic or cheer on your favorite local high-school sports team, we have something for you at Goodwill. We have sizes that range from the little ones up to adults. When you shop at Goodwill for your teamwear, you are not only getting an amazing deal but helping give back to your community by helping individuals find employment and job training.

Meet the Staff of Integrated Day Services

Billy, Direct Support Staff

“Working with people has always been something I have dreamed of,” Billy stated. Billy first started helping people by building houses in Guatemala. He wanted to continue to make a difference in the lives of others and give back. Billy heard about a Camp Counselor position open at Camp Goodwill when he was making a delivery run. He applied, and was offered the job at Camp Goodwill for the summer.

After summer, he was offered a job in the mission services department and has been a job coach and skills trainer during his time at Goodwill. Billy loves working in Integrated Day Services because “You learn so much through every individual. Every individual is different and it’s nice to see how their day goes and how environmental factors change and what we can do for them to make their day better”, Billy said. He believes that disabilities don’t define who they are as an individual and that the community can openly accept them into jobs, programs, and volunteer work because they are capable of doing the work.

What do you wish you knew more about?

  • The billing and insurance aspect of Integrated Day Services. I have been involved in the activities and working hands-on with the individuals and I would like to learn more about the billing aspect.

What is the most interesting place you have been?

  • The west coast. California, New Mexico, and Nevada are all states I like to visit. I like to see the small-town culture in these states. I like to visit new areas and explore the culture and meet new people.

What would be your ideal way to spend the weekend?

  • 4-wheeling, camping, taking pictures, and looking at the stars. I like the calm and quiet and being able to unwind and relax.

A Helping Hand for Ali was Found at the Goodwill Job Center

Living in a war divided country was difficult for Ali. His home country of Iraq was in complete political disarray. The fear of safety for his family and himself had become a growing concern. Ali and his family fled to Syria as refugees and were transferred to the United States as part of the United Nations refugee program in 2014.

After a few months, the urgency of finding a job while finishing high school was pressing. Ali had the responsibility of providing for his family while studying and adjusting to living in a new country. This was challenging for Ali and he knew that he needed some help.

A helpful friend from Iraq encouraged him to try the Goodwill Job Center in Sioux Falls. “They do their best to help people find a job,” Ali’s friend stated. In August of 2014, Ali successfully found his first job in the United States because of the help he received in the Job Center.

Ali has continued to be a proud advocate for the Job Center. Ali says with a smile, “I always tell my friends to come to the Job Center if they are looking for a job.” He has referred his brother and father to the Job Center for their helpful services. Ali commented, “Every morning you get a prayer from us before we go to work because you helped us find jobs.” He finishes with a big smile, “I like you guys.”

Back to School Shopping with Goodwill of the Great Plains

Back to School season is here! It’s August and school will be back in session before we know it. At Goodwill, you can find brand name clothing, shoes, accessories, and backpacks at a low price. We have Back to School styles for everyone from grade school to college students. Take the stress out of shopping by visiting your local Goodwill of the Great Plains. You will not only be saving money but will be helping support Goodwill’s amazing mission of helping individuals become self-sufficient through employment and education.


What will be your Back to School style this year? Athletic, preppy, rocker, bohemian or casual.  You can define your style this year at Goodwill with brand name items at a great price that won’t break the bank.

Back to School Style Ideas for Teens and College Students

Athletic wear is cute and comfy plus it’s in style. Patterned leggings, tennis shoes, and an athletic top is all you need to make this outfit.
Leather jackets can make any outfit look put together. The jacket make a bold statement and you can dress up or down depending on your outfit.
Fall is coming and boots and a jean jacket are perfect for the crisp , fall evenings. This outfit is perfect for hanging out with friends at the movies or the mall.

Back to School Style Ideas for Grade School

Jeans are a staple for any boys closet. They are versatile and boys can never have too many jeans.
Dresses are an easy outfit for any girl who loves to dress up.
Athletic wear is great for kids too! It’s easy to style and comfortable.



Meet the Staff of Integrated Day Services

Steve, Direct Support Staff

Steve has been helping people for over 24 years. Steve started his career by helping individuals in group homes with daily living tasks that include laundry, keeping rooms clean, and meal preparation. Steve needed more stable work because transportation was difficult to find at night.

Steve started making cold calls and contacted Goodwill and talked to a Goodwill staff member about a job opening in Integrated Day Services. Steve has been involved with Integrated Day Services for 20 years. He enjoys talking to the participants and helping them with the goals they are working on. “I love the individuals in Integrated Day Services and I have made a lot of good friends over the years”, Steve concluded.

  • What was the last movie you watched in theatres?
    • Dog’s Journey
  • What is your favorite family vacation?
    • Lake Okoboji.
  • What is your proudest achievement?
    • This would be getting a job 20 years ago. It took me a year and a half to find a job. Goodwill was willing to realize that I could do the job. I had the education and that even though I am in a wheelchair I am still capable of doing the job.