A Helping Hand for Ali was Found at the Goodwill Job Center

Living in a war divided country was difficult for Ali. His home country of Iraq was in complete political disarray. The fear of safety for his family and himself had become a growing concern. Ali and his family fled to Syria as refugees and were transferred to the United States as part of the United Nations refugee program in 2014.

After a few months, the urgency of finding a job while finishing high school was pressing. Ali had the responsibility of providing for his family while studying and adjusting to living in a new country. This was challenging for Ali and he knew that he needed some help.

A helpful friend from Iraq encouraged him to try the Goodwill Job Center in Sioux Falls. “They do their best to help people find a job,” Ali’s friend stated. In August of 2014, Ali successfully found his first job in the United States because of the help he received in the Job Center.

Ali has continued to be a proud advocate for the Job Center. Ali says with a smile, “I always tell my friends to come to the Job Center if they are looking for a job.” He has referred his brother and father to the Job Center for their helpful services. Ali commented, “Every morning you get a prayer from us before we go to work because you helped us find jobs.” He finishes with a big smile, “I like you guys.”

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