Treasa’s bright smile and positive energy when you meet her is contagious. Her willingness to be a shining light for her fellow peers is evident through her daily work. She is excited about her next chapter with Goodwill in the Work Readiness Assessment program. Treasa will have the opportunity to dig deeper into possible jobs in the community she could see as a career. Recently, she talked about her experience in the Pre-Vocational Training Program and the significant progress she has made.

“In the past, I worked at several places. I struggled to keep a job. When I came to Goodwill, I would bring my problems to work. I have now learned how to cope when situations happen. I am proud of my job coaches. Through everything, they have supported and stood by me. Sometimes, I cannot bend over because of my back, and they are accommodating. I have learned a lot of things at Goodwill. I have learned the value of hard work. I am focused on getting the job done when I am here.  I had trouble with communication at first, but my job coaches have helped me communicate better. My goal is to work as a bagger at Fareway, helping pack up customers’ groceries and bringing their groceries out to their car.”  

Goodwill’s Job Training Programs give individuals a life-changing opportunity to develop critical skills needed to be competitive in today’s job market. Shopping or donating to Goodwill contributes to our incredible mission of changing lives through job training and employment.


A servant’s heart describes exactly who Jesus is. Walking through the aisles of Sioux City Goodwill, you will find him helping to train new program participants on proper stocking and customer first standards. Jesus is always thinking of others and being a helping hand when needed. His work has made a great addition to the Sioux City team.

“I started working in the e-store and eventually worked myself up to training individuals on scanning books. I moved over to the retail store and was given the task of stocking new merchandise on the sales floor. I love working at Goodwill because I have the opportunity to work with others and help team members when needed. I have become more independent during my experience in the Pre-Vocational Training Program. My goals are to continue working in the retail store to gain more experience to prepare for work in the community.”

The next time you are shopping in the Sioux City Goodwill, give Jesus a warm, “Hello!”


If you walk into the E-store, Brian is hard at work guiding individuals in Goodwill’s Pre-Vocational Job Training Program towards reaching their community employment goal. He coaches these individuals to gain valuable job skills for success in the community. I recently had a chat with Brian about why he wanted to work at Goodwill and what he has learned by being part of the Goodwill family.

“I came to work at Goodwill because I wanted to be more connected to the community. I was previously in the Navy, and I enjoyed my experience out on the waters serving my country. It was peaceful and gave me a sense of fulfillment.

As a Job Coach at Goodwill, I have gained a greater understanding of people. Everyone has the same wants and needs. It is a privilege knowing I am making a difference in our community through our job training programs at Goodwill. In my free time, I like to spend time with my family, read interesting books, and paint works of art.”

We are excited to welcome Brian to our Mission Team and wish him all the best in his new position.

How to Ace Your Interview

By Klari, Job Center Representative

Do your homework.

Research the company you are interviewing for and learn more about who they are and what they do. Most companies have a website full of useful information about their mission, vision, and business goals that the interviewer could ask in the interview.

Be Prepared

Learn the name of the person who will be interviewing you and know the location of the interview. If you have never been to this place before, map out your route a day or two beforehand and how long it will take you to arrive.

Be on Time.

Be at least 5-10 minutes early for every interview. This will show the interviewer you are reliable and responsible. If you arrive earlier, wait in your vehicle, and review your notes.

Dress Accordingly

Be well-groomed.

Men: Dress shirt with dress slacks. No t-shirts with printed logos, torn jeans, or tennis shoes.

Women:  Nice blouse with slacks, skirt, or a modest dress with dress shoes

Avoid wearing leggings, torn jeans, and large, chunky jewelry.

Stay Focused

Be short and to the point. Stay focused on the questions being asked and do not ramble. Stay on-topic but do not go overboard on why you are the “be all, end all” for the position. Make eye contact with the interviewer and sit up straight in your seat. Try to avoid fidgeting and speak clearly. Leave your cell phone in the car or at home to eliminate distractions.

Do not Bad Mouth.

Do not talk badly about a previous employer. If you cannot say anything nice about someone, do not say anything at all.

Respect is Crucial

Treat everyone you meet with respect from the Janitor to the CEO. Offer a firm handshake and always thank the interviewer for his/her time. Write a thank-you note and send it to the interviewer as soon as possible.

If you are seeking assistance on job searching, writing a resume, or additional interviewing tips, stop by your local Job Center and one of our Job Center Representatives would be happy to assist you.


You make a difference!

An opportunity and a chance to succeed is what you give to individuals in our community when you visit our retail stores to shop or donate.

Ysenia is one of the individuals whose lives have been changed through your support of Goodwill.

Ysenia works in our Sioux City store sorting clothing donations throughout the day and is working towards her goal of finding a job out in the community she is passionate about.

“I like working in the store. I love that I get the opportunity to interact and get to know people at Goodwill,” she says with excitement and a smile on her face.

Stronger communication skills is one of the essential job skills she has been working on this past year in the Pre-Vocational Job Training Program.

Goodwill’s Pre-Vocational Job Training Program teaches individuals the necessary skills to succeed in the community by providing a job experience by working in our retail stores, E-commerce, janitorial and reception desk at our Support Center.