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When you put an awesome find in your Goodwill® cart, you’re not just thrifting. You’re being a local hero.

Last year, more than 2 million people engaged in face-to-face services at Goodwill to help prepare for and gain a good job, build their financial assets and advance in their careers. More than 36 million people connected with Goodwill online to access education, training, mentoring, learning services, virtual career fairs and employment opportunities offered by Goodwill organizations. Together with our donors and shoppers, Goodwill helped more than 300,000 secure jobs and start their journeys to a brighter future.Collectively, more than 87 cents of every dollar spent in Goodwill stores is reinvested in communities to support job training programs, onsite and virtual skills training and provide community support services for job seekers — such as child care, financial education, free tax preparation, transportation, and career mentoring. Here’s how that happens:

  • People donate clothing, household items and more to local Goodwill nonprofit organizations across the U.S. and Canada.
  • Goodwill sells the donated items in more than 3,300 stores, providing the critical revenue that helps fuel our nonprofit mission that helps people find, earn and keep good jobs and create better futures for themselves and their families.
  • People who buy unique finds from Goodwill stores and online at use their items with pride. And, shopping at Goodwill gives their communities a reason to celebrate because purchases support Goodwill’s nonprofit mission of providing job training, education and more to people in local communities.
  • People build their skills and find employment, with help from Goodwill.

Give your community a reason to celebrate!

The Story Behind the Stores – Idd

Idd came to Goodwill as a participant. He completed his program and was extended for another 6 weeks to get more work history established. He worked in general retail at Kiwanis and was a major asset to the team while he was there. He showed up with a smile every day. He showed up on time and never complained. He was eager to learn new tasks especially with his barrier.

A little back story to Idd, he immigrated here from Somalia a few years ago. While he was there he was subjected to terrible violence and was the victim of a terrible explosion. In the explosion his hands became mingled. This is his barrier. He needed to learn how to become a productive member of society in America. Idd is a fighter. He is a learner also. He adjusted and adapted to his new situation and has overcome many obstacles put in his way. Every obstacle he faces he does so with determination and a big smile.

Idd was my first client as an employment specialist. We hit the ground running hard. He was determined to get a job and I was determined to find one for him that he could excel in. We successfully found that job at JCPenneys. They took him on and accommodated his barrier so that he could remain successful there. Idd has found his work family! The way the embraced him and his barrier is rather inspiring. They saw what a great asset he was and they have taken the time to really train him. Idd is very happy at his work and it shows when you see him working. He constantly has a big smile on his face! He is a true success story.

The Store Behind the Stores – Delilah

Delilah has been in the Project Skills program since the first part of the year.

Carrie from Project Skills reached out to Goodwill to provide a work setting for Delilah. She learned her tasks very quickly, and has become a model and mentor to others while they learn their responsibilities. Delilah works very hard to ensure new people either working in the store or coming in for a program feel comfortable and welcome.

Delilah states she has always been confident and happy but became nervous in new situations. Coming to work at Goodwill was her first work experience. When Delilah started her program she was very shy and rarely spoke to people. As she became more confident and got to know people through talking to them and asking them how their day was, their life was, and opening up a bit herself, she has become more confident in her work and around people.

Delilah is happier and enjoys getting to know and help out other people. Delilah feels good about the organization and our mission, and is proud to be able to contribute to the mission and helping others. Delilah talks to her family and friends about how her opportunity with Goodwill has helped build her confidence both in and out of the work setting. Goodwill’s teams have no doubt that in the future Delilah will enter an employment situation where she can be happy and successful.

Goodwill programs work to encourage and prepare participants to move on to greater successes and independent futures. Delilah is looking forward to the next steps in her life to help her meet her goals, and stated she will always be thankful for her time at Goodwill.

Quote from Delilah:
“Goodwill has provided me a place where I can learn and feel confident.”

The Story Behind The Stores

AaronOur retail stores provide individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities the opportunity to learn specific, job related skills. When you walk into our South Sioux City store you will see our mission in action. Our goal is to prepare participants to eventually integrate into community employment. Participants learn all aspects of the job and what it takes to keep employment whether at Goodwill or in the community.

“Everyone works right alongside each other,” explains Deb Moore, South Sioux City Store Manager. “There is no barrier, or jobs that only some employees can do. We treat everyone the same and train everyone at their own pace.”

Over the years we have had several individuals train within our stores with an end goal of employment and self sufficiency. After successfully completing Goodwill’s habilitation programming, Aaron got the courage he needed to move out on his own and take control of his future. The next stepping stone of moving to competitive employment in the community was Pre-Vocational Training at Goodwill.

“I learned how to work through my anxiety and improve my social skills while on the
clock,” said Aaron. Over the course of 9 years, Aaron has received the training and support needed to become self sufficient. Aaron now lives on his own, is learning all aspects of a retail job and aspires to become a store manager one day. It is through donations and shopping in our retail stores that Goodwill funds the programs that help individuals gain community employment.

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Goodwill Industries Week – Celebrating Our Communities

Thank you for supporting Goodwill.

Our shoppers, donors, program participants, community partners and employers all help Goodwill fulfill its mission. Because of your contributions, we can continue providing the services that help people learn the skills to earn employment and build brighter futures.

With your support, people are starting or advancing careers in fields such as retail, financial services, information technology and health care.

About Goodwill Industries Week

For more than 60 years, we’ve set aside one week each May to celebrate our communities
and their contributions to our mission. Without them, we could not provide employment, job
training and placement, and other community-based programs for people with disabilities,
those who need education or job experience, and others facing employment challenges.