Sheryl’s Shining Light is An Integral Part of the Rapid City Team

“Nothing is impossible if you keep going. It is all about moving forward and taking one day at a time. When I first started Goodwill, I had been out of the workforce for 3 years due to a stroke. It was hard for me because I have been stubborn my whole life and now, I had to change. I entered the Work Adjustment Program* at Goodwill where Jill assigned me to work in the retail store cleaning up dressing rooms, helping with Job Fairs, and supporting the Shoe and Mitten Program, as needed.

One of the significant lessons I learned during the program is not to get so excited and let it go. Someone is there to help when I need it. I completed the Work Adjustment Program about a year ago and was hired to work as a Retail Associate in the store. I am excited to be involved in other parts of the store. I would like to change it up what I do every once in a while. I love working at Goodwill. They have been good to me.”

Jill, Program Manager added, “Sheryl is really happy doing what she does in the store right now. I’ve seen so many good changes in her and I just hope for more and more!”

*Work Adjustment Program is a 6–12-week program for individuals over 18 years of age teaching soft-skill development and employment readiness serving individuals with brain injury, physical injury, and cognitive disabilities, and health challenges. 

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