Eating Healthier and Reducing Waste on Pack Your Lunch Day 2020 with Goodwill

Do you tend to splurge and eat out for lunch every day? Fast food and takeout purchases can add up over time and before you know can leave a large dent in your wallet. Start a healthy, money-saving habit by bringing your lunch on Pack Your Lunch Day on March 10th. Don’t know where to start? Continue reading for helpful tips for you to save money and eat healthier.

1) Invest in quality food storage- Igloos and Thermos are excellent ways to keep your food fresh and organized. Pyrex and Tupperware containers are essentials you should have on hand and can use every day to store your food in. At Goodwill, we have lunch coolers, thermos, and storage containers to keep your food fresh until lunch. Choose to use reusable food storage and lessen the waste of plastic and brown bags.

2) Meal plan- It’s hard enough to get up in the morning and have energy to prep for lunch. Start the night before and use leftovers from dinner or make food ahead of time for you to grab and go in the morning. Meal planning helps your waistline and budget. At the end of the week think about all the money you are saving because you are not wasting food. (Photo by Vegan Liftz)

3) Bring a Reusable Water Bottle- Water is an essential for keeping a healthy lifestyle. Drinking sugary or energy drinks can make you feel full sooner and are loaded with calories. Drinking water will help you eat healthier.  Buying a reusable water bottle from Goodwill will help to reduce plastic waste and live a healthy life.

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