Love Your Sweater Fall Styling Tips

By Carissa Chatfield

A chill is in the air and cold weather season has begun. Chilly temps are a perfect excuse to wear a cozy, soft sweater. What’s amazing about sweaters is they are versatile and look great with a casual or dressy outfit. Every fall I look forward to wearing sweaters because they are very comfortable and look great on anyone. Need some helpful style tips for your sweaters? Keep reading below for a few helpful tips.


A scarf is an easy accessory that will make any sweater look put together. Patterned and blanket scarfs are a popular trend for a good reason. They are comfortable and you can practically wear with them with anything. At Goodwill, we have many different scarfs at a great price of only $2.00! With this price you can buy several for the long winter ahead.


Boots are a fall staple. They can be paired with your favorite sweater and make the outfit look instantly stylish. There are many different types of boots, short, tall, over the knee, patterned, solid, furry and sparkly. If you grab a pair of boots to pair with your sweater your outfit will always look amazing. Need a pair of boots? We have a fantastic selection of boots at a great price of only $6.50.


A handbag gives a finished touch to any sweater outfit. Handbags can match the outfit or give some much-needed contrast. No matter what type of handbag you love, whether it is cross body, shoulder, or clutch, be sure to check out handbag selection in all of our retail stores.  

Don’t forget at Goodwill we have an incredible selection of sweaters. Give your closet some love and stop in one of our stores and grab a few. Your closet will definitely thank you!

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