Meet the Staff of Integrated Day Services

Mandy, Direct Support Staff

“I’ve worked with disabled adults for 25 years. I worked at Mid-Step Services for 20 years and I moved to Sioux Falls where I worked at LifeScape for a few years,” Mandy said. Mandy had connections to the individuals who were in group homes and knew about Goodwill. She heard about a job opening, applied and was hired to work in Integrated Day Services.

Mandy enjoys seeing participants go outside of their boundaries and see what they are capable of. One of the activities that Integrated Day Services participates in that Mandy was able to organize was volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House. “At first it was awkward for them, but they were able to meet the families that are impacted by the Ronald McDonald house and it was awesome that they were able to make that connection,” explained Mandy. Mandy believes that Integrated Day Services is an excellent place for individuals to socialize and participate in activities in the community.

What is the last movie that you watched in theatres?

  • The Fast and Furious

What is your favorite family vacation?

  • Every year my husband and I go to Algona, Iowa for a bike rally.

What are your hobbies?

  • I like to spend time with my grandkids and ride on my husband’s motorcycle.

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